What's Stem Cell

Healing from your own blood

Stem cells are unaltered cells. In addition to creating their own analogues, they can transform into specialized cells, such as liver, heart, or lung cells.

Distinction from other cells

All stem cells have three main characteristics: they can continue their division and renew themselves for years, they are not specialized cells, they provide the formation of specialized cells. Unlike muscle, blood, or nerve cells that do not have the ability to regenerate themselves under normal conditions, stem cells can replicate or multiply themselves several times.

Similarities and differences

Human embryonic and adult stem cells have both advantages and disadvantages in their use in cell-based regenerative therapies. The main difference between them comes from their differentiated cell derivatives and numbers. Since embryonic stem cells are pluripotent, they can be transformed into all types of body cells.

General Uses

It is known that some serious health problems such as cancer and congenital defects are caused by abnormal cell division and differentiation. With the complete understanding of the molecular and genetic details of these processes, stem cell therapies are being developed about the formation and prevention of such health problems.

Properties of other cells

Stem cells are distinguished by two important characteristics from other cells. The first is that they are non-subjective cells with the ability to renew themselves by cell division; the second is that, under certain specific physiological or experimental conditions, they can be transformed into tissue or organ specific, specialized cells.

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